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The first step towards getting rid of mold is identifying its source. In most cases, mold grows in areas with high moisture content like crawl spaces. Once identified, our professionals can assess the extent of damage caused by the mold and deliver an action plan on how to remove it safely and effectively. At times, the remediation process can involve the replacement of framing materials, subflooring, ductwork, or insulation if mold has compromised their integrity.

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Why is mold so hard to remove?

Mold can be aggressive and because mold feeds on building materials as their food source, you can end up with weakened structures. Mold has somewhat of a root system where it embeds itself in the material it is feeding on. Simply wiping away mold on the surface will only temporarily remove it. That’s why we use an aggressive approach and use the appropriate cleaning solutions and removal methods to rid your crawlspace of mold for good. We source our cleaning solution, YCS Pro Cleaner, locally from a supplier that performs very well. 

Why do I have mold in my crawlspace?

Many don’t realize it, but mold spores in the environment are naturally occurring. The problem occurs when they end up in your crawlspace or basement and the conditions are damp. Mold requires moisture to grow and these environments are unfortunately found to be damp on a lot of occasions. If you have a dry humidity-controlled crawlspace or basement, you will not have mold. It’s that simple.

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If mold is left untreated, it unfortunately will continue to grow. Our crawl space contractors at Impact Crawlspace LLC are knowledgeable and will effectively rid your mold problem. We are local and serve all of Wayne, Lenoir, and Pitt Counties.

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