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If you own a home with a basement or crawlspace, there's a good chance that you've considered waterproofing. After all, these areas of your home are particularly vulnerable to water damage and moisture buildup. But what exactly does waterproofing entail? And is it really worth the investment? Persistent wet crawlspaces and basements can cause damage to your foundation and invite mold and pests. At Impact Crawlspace LLC we offer many options depending on the current condition of your foundation.

Encapsulated and waterproofed foundation entrance to crawlspace

What exactly is foundation waterproofing?

We have multiple basement and crawlspace solutions we can tailor to your home or business depending on location, terrain, and other factors. Waterproofing is a broad category that can include one or more solutions including French drains. A French drain might be the best starting place because it tackles the source of water and redirects it. If the water around your foundation is the problem, we can use French drains to redirect water away from your foundation. A French drain consists of a trench filled with gravel, perforated pipe, and a filter fabric that allows water to pass through but keeps soil and debris out. We can install French drains just about anywhere and can encompass your entire perimeter or a small section of your crawlspace or basement wall tailored to your foundation waterproofing design.

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We covered just the tip of the iceberg. Waterproofing can incorporate not only French drains, but vapor barriers, encapsulation, sump pumps, gutter installation, dehumidifiers, and more. Call Impact Crawlspace LLC today at 252-560-7776 to learn more.

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